Premium Insulation Technology - Made in Europe.

Our bedding filling for exclusive sleeping comfort.

Nature as a role model

Breathable, temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking and yet light and airy – the revolutionary G-LOFT® climate hollow fiber is the first to combine the advantages of natural down with the robustness and insensitivity of a synthetic fiber. And consistently.

The secret is in the details: G-LOFT® consists of two fiber components that together form a crimped structure – similar to a spring. This creates a “memory effect” whereby the processed fiber retains its particularly airy fluffiness even under high loads.

The fibers themselves are permeated with extremely thin cavities - similar to the fur hairs of polar bears. The air stored in the cavity has a highly efficient insulation effect and reduces the weight of the fleece.

Appreciated by professionals worldwide

G-LOFT® insulation is trusted by the most demanding users around the world with a wide range of products: alpinists, military personnel, outdoor professionals and many more.

The unique G-LOFT® features

  • Insulates like down with absolute shape retention
  • incomparably airy and light
  • breathable & temperature regulating
  • easy to care for & hygienic
  • optimal ratio of heat output to weight

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