Or: which duvet has which heat level?

You are looking for a new duvet. There is a lot to consider. In addition to the quality of the outer material, the filling, quilting and workmanship, the question also arises: which warmth class is the right one?

Which factors are important?

    • Room temperature : Is your bedroom heated, unheated? Do you live in a new or old building? Is your bedroom in a mansard apartment? Do you sleep with the window open?
    • Personal temperature perception : Personal temperature perception plays an important role. Do you often have cold feet or hands during the day, or are you so warm in winter that you shovel snow wearing shorts?
    • Who sleeps under a duvet? This also needs to be taken into account: If two people share a duvet, more heat is generated under the duvet.
What material is your bed linen made of? While silk, satin, batiste and seersucker bed linen have a cooling effect, flax, jersey and flannel bed linen have a warming effect.
Which bed do you sleep in? For example, waterbeds are always heated and warm, while mattresses with gel pads feel cooler. This also applies to spring mattresses. Mattresses made of latex or foam, on the other hand, are found to be warming. Underbeds are particularly suitable for balancing the temperature.

This is how you find the right GOLDECK Austria duvet

We at GOLDECK Austria divide our duvets into three different heat levels depending on the filling weight:

Heat level 1 :
Summer duvets

Data & Facts:

Room temperature:
well heated (23-25 ​​degrees), very warm in summer (attic apartment) and lots of sunlight during the day, well insulated old or new building.

Personal feeling of warmth:
usually always too warm

Filling weight: 135g/ m2

Heat level 3:
All year round blankets

Data & Facts:

Room temperature:
Bedroom is well tempered, heated and the room temperature is between 17-22 degrees, well insulated old or new building.

Personal feeling of warmth:
balanced temperature sensitivity, not too warm, not too sensitive to cold.

Filling weight: 250g/m 2 - 385g/m 2

Heat level 5:
Winter duvets

Data & Facts:

Room temperature:
Bedrooms are not heated, the apartment/house is poorly insulated, and the room temperature is below 16 degrees.

Personal feeling of warmth:
Medium to strong cold sensations, often very slim people, prefer it to be too warm rather than too cold.

Filling weight: 340g/m 2 - 520g/m 2

The GOLDECK Austria heat level matrix

Of course, the level of the room temperature and your personal feeling of cold also occur in other combinations.

For example, a person with a low sensitivity to cold is more likely to use a winter blanket in a room with low temperatures than a summer blanket. This matrix is ​​intended to provide additional assistance: