Frequently Asked Questions

Which materials are used?

Only the finest materials are used for our bedding. The highest quality cotton sateen and cotton jacquard fabrics are used for our blankets and pillows. Our innovative G-LOFT® fiber is inside our products. It has the best breathability, allows moisture to quickly circulate upwards into the room air and keeps your body comfortably warm in an incomparably light and airy way. We only use exquisite Mako cotton for our bed linen sets. You can find detailed information about our materials and their processing under the “ Materials ” section.


What makes G-LOFT® so special?

Our fiber was designed for extreme sports and further developed for balanced and energizing sleeping experiences. The fleece combines the heat-insulating properties of the finest down feathers with the advantages of the latest technology, such as high breathability, moisture-regulating function and easy-care cleaning. In this way, we create unprecedented lightness and a heat-retaining and relaxing sleeping environment for you.


Are the products tested and certified?

Yes. All of our products are subject to strict quality controls and are certified with the OEKO-Tex standard, from the button to the yarn to the outer fabric. In addition, our blankets were tested by the renowned Hohenstein Institute and awarded the comfort seal for scientifically tested sleep quality. You can find more information about OEKO-Tex, ISO14001 and the Hohenstein sleeping comfort quality label in our blog.


What does height-adjustable mean & can I vary the filling material for the pillow individually?

Yes. You can remove the filling from your inner cushion as desired and store it in the bag provided. You can adjust the height of your pillow and adjust its firmness by removing or adding it.

If you need more filling material, you can order it in a refill bag. This means you can design your pillow according to your personal wishes and preferences with additional fiber balls.


What is the difference between a SOFT pillow and a FIRM pillow?

The difference lies in the filling capacity of the inner cushion: the FIRM cushion is full of fiber balls, the SOFT cushion is loosely filled. In both cases, you can individually adjust the height of the pillow by removing fiber beads and storing them in the mesh bag provided. The outer shell of both cushions is made with four layers of our unique G-LOFT® fleece. If you need additional fiber beads, you can order them separately.


What is the difference between COTTON SATIN and COTTON JACQUARD in blanket and pillowcase fabrics?

With cotton SATIN, high-quality cotton threads are elaborately woven, creating the satin weave. The fabric has a uniquely smooth and matt, silky shimmering surface. The cotton JACQUARD also has a satin weave, but additionally has woven ornaments that are created with a special loom. Jacquard is the finest of all fabrics.


Do blankets and pillows fit the standard sizes of bedding manufacturers?

In principle yes. The sizes of our blankets and pillows have been selected to fit standard bedding sizes. However, we also offer special sizes for blankets and pillows. In this case, you should check before purchasing whether the size you have selected is actually suitable for your bed linen.


How to choose the optimal blanket size and heat level?

The heat class and size of your blanket depends on the ambient temperature, your body size and your individual sleeping preferences. With just a few clicks you will receive a recommendation for your optimal blanket from our product advisor.


Can the blankets, pillows and underblankets be washed?

Yes. All of our products can be washed in standard machines at 60 degrees on a delicate cycle and are quickly dry again thanks to the special properties of our fiber. Please consider the volume of the product and check whether it fits well in your household machine. If not, we recommend washing it at a professional dry cleaner. An overfilled laundry drum puts a strain on every fabric.


Are the products also suitable for allergy sufferers?

Yes. Since we do not use any animal products (hair, feathers, etc.) and all of our products can be washed at high temperatures, they are ideal for allergy sufferers.


Can you also test the products in the store?

We want you to love your Goldeck products. That's why you can test it at home for 30 days. If you no longer want to share your bed with our products, you can return them to us free of charge.


How does shipping or returns work?

Please read the explanations in our terms and conditions in the footer of our shop under shipping or under each item description in the shopping cart.


In what sizes are the blankets, pillows and underbeds available?

Our bedding comes in many different sizes. Standard dimensions are available as well as oversizes. A detailed overview of all our sizes can be found in the table below. All information is in cm.

Please note that special dimensions are only available for selected ceiling models - ECO Vital


40×60 135×200 90×200
40×80 140×200 100×200
60×80 140×220 120×200
70×90 155×220 140×200
80×80 200×200 160×200
50×70 150×210 180×200
65×65 160×210 200×200
65×100 155×200
50×60 160×240
60×70 200×210


Where are Goldeck products manufactured?

Without exception, all of our products are produced in our own factories in Europe.