Goldeck Austria – High Tech in Every Seam


70 years of experience and passion for a blissful night’s sleep go into making our products. We put every ounce of our effort into producing every seam and every fold. We leave nothing to chance so you can wake up refreshed with all the energy you need for the day ahead.

Seamless, unparalleled softness

After careful consideration, we have decided to sew our duvets without border tape – for even greater comfort. We wanted to make the edges of our duvets as soft and comfortable as the rest of the product. We achieve this by producing our duvets with the seam inside instead of having a bulging seam or uncomfortable band. This makes unpleasant pressure points and rough edges or seams that affect the overall volume of the duvets a thing of the past.

Fits well, does not crumple, has room to breathe

Corners that slip, awkward wrangling with the cover when changing the bedding, uncomfortable nights tugging on the duvet – sound familiar? Not anymore! Our duvets have found just the right partner for a long-term relationship in our bedding. We have attached small loops to the corners of our duvets and have fitted our bedding with matching ribbons. This is how they stay together, so everything is in place as you move, lie down and, of course, sleep.

Something not to be missed

The best pillow is one you can hardly feel. That’s why we use an extra thick G-LOFT® fibre layer. We’ve stitched them together so that nothing slips. This quilting is then wrapped with a sleek outer cover made from the finest cotton, which is soft and smooth on your skin.