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We spend 1/3 of our life in bed. That is why we only use the best materials for your skin. All our products are labelled the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate, which means they do not contain any harmful substances. Satisfaction guaranteed!

The fibre that breathes

G-LOFT® is the technology at the heart of our bedding. This is a special fibre designed with one intention – optimal sleeping comfort. It is used in our duvets, pillows and toppers. Goldeck has been a pioneer and synthetic fibre specialist since the 1970s, and now it’s time for you to reap the rewards of our decades-long experience.

Similar to down, but better

We have designed our fibre to behave like down filling of the highest quality. It automatically creates small piles in the fleece, generating lots of small air cushions. The heat is stored whilst the air circulates under optimal conditions. Unlike natural hair or down feathers, our fleece does not store moisture. This ensures optimal thermal efficiency for every sleeping type.

For the perfect sleeping climate

Every fibre is crossed lengthwise by a micrometre-thin cavity. This gives you two advantages: moisture is quickly transported outwards while heat is saved.

Finer than human hair

A finished G-LOFT® fibre basically consists of two fibres. When spun, they form a crimped structure, similar to a coil spring. This results in a memory effect which traps air for long periods to give you a comfortable, hardwearing product that stays full and fluffy!

Featherly in the land of dreams

With the combination of the technologies mentioned above, a fleece made of G-LOFT® fibres is not only breathable, insulating and moisture regulating, it is also much lighter than a comparable duvet, filled with down feathers.

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Easy-care and hard-wearing

Those are the characteristics that describe all of our Classic Micro products. The surface has a distinctively soft and smooth touch and is at the same time tear-resistant and durable! Even after repeated washing, the Classic Micro fabric still feels supple and is soft to the skin.

Products from the Classic Micro line are made out of 100 % microfiber (polyester) in the upper material, which consists of thin and fine fibres. Because of that, many fibres can be spun together which results in a bigger fibre surface.  This has one special benefit – the microfiber fabric has tiny microscopic hollow spaces, which are able to store moisture perfectly. But the fabric does not only take on moisture easily, it also gives it back to the surrounding quickly. Because of that, our Micro Classic Products guarantee an ideal moisture management during sleep.

All products form the Classic Micro line are perfectly suited for allergy sufferers because they are washable with 95°C in every ordinary washing machine. Moreover, all products from this line can be put in a tumble dryer, but they also quickly dry in the open air.

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Cotton meets Polyester

The benefits of cotton combined with the benefits of polyester – our Classic Mezzo fabric offers the ideal material mix for our bedding products to guarantee easy-care and robust characteristics.

Products from the Classic Mezzo line are made out of 50 % pure cotton and 50 % microfiber (polyester) in the upper material. Here, the natural fibres of cotton are weaved together in plain weave with the chemical fibres of polyester. The material is extremely breathable and combines the positive characteristics of cotton and microfiber. The fabric is not only tear-resistant and durable but also low-maintenance and nearly wrinkle-resistant. Together with our patented high-tech fibre G-LOFT® the Classic Mezzo line forms the ideal combination for long-lasting products.

All products form the Classic Mezzo line can be washed with 95°C in every ordinary washing machine and, therefore, are perfectly suited for allergy sufferers. Moreover, all products from this line can be put in a tumble dryer, can be ironed and if needed they can even be dry cleaned.

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Pleasantly skin-friendly …

… and resistant and easy to clean as well – this applies to all of our products from the Select Cotton line! As a result, all of them carry the certificate ‘skin-friendly’ and ‘allergy-friendly’, examined by the renowned Hohenstein institute.

Products from the select Cotton line are made out of 100 % Cotton percale in the upper material, where fine cotton fibres are spun into a dense fabric in plain weave. This is a smooth material, which is exceptionally hard-wearing. Moreover, the fabric is extremely tear-resistant and long-lasting and it captivates with its matt surface, which is distinctively friendly to the human skin. Cotton percale is also very breathable and permeable to air, which is why the fabric has a cooling effect on the body. Even after repeated washing, this fabric will still feel smooth and it becomes suppler with time.

All products of the Select Cotton line are washable with 60°C and, therefore, are perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers. Furthermore, all of the products can be tumble dried, ironed and even dry cleaned.

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The smoothest cover

An airy quilting, the feather light micro cotton and our revolutionary breathable G-LOFT® fibre form the perfect combination for the products of the Select Vital line to ensure heavenly sleeping comfort. Moreover, the duvets of the Select Vital line have significantly less weight than conventional duvets and, therefore, are much better suited for summer.

Products of this line are made out of 85 % microfiber (Polyester) and 15 % cotton in the upper material – the optimal proportion for an especially soft touch. But the supple fabric not only captivates optically, also the functionality is astonishing. Microscopic small fibres transport moisture to the outside environment very quickly and a higher air inclusion guarantees excellent climate control. Furthermore, the micro cotton is extremely easy to care and hard-wearing.

All products from the Select Vital lien are particularly suited for allergy sufferers, since they are washable up to 60°C. Moreover, all products of this line can be tumble dried even though they quickly dry in the open air as well.

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Noble and functional

A luxurious fabric, that not only captivates with its noble optic but also with its unique functions. Since our Select Silver products carry more than only one Hohenstein certificate. Besides the certificate ‘skin-friendly’ and ‘allergy-friendly’, silver products are also labelled ‘antibacterial’.

Products from the Select silver line are made out of 98 % cotton and 2 % silver polyamide in the upper material. Here, finest cotton fibres of the highest quality are spun together in satin weave, which results in a velvety shining fabric. The especially smooth surface combined with the weaved-in silver threads form a noble material in soft beige colour. Thanks to the satin weave, the fabric has a cooling effect on the skin and is easy to care and resistant at the same time.

Moreover, all products of the Select Silver line are washable up to 60°C and can be tumble dried.

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Finest cotton satin

High quality and especially thin cotton fibres are elaborately spun together in satin weave which results in a smooth, matt-silky surface. Cotton satin has an extremely cooling effect on the skin and regulates temperature, which is why this fabric is the perfect complement to our breathable G-LOFT® fibre.

Products from the Premium line are made out of 100 % finest cotton in the upper material. Thanks to the many advantages of cotton, the Premium fabric is tear-resistant and hard-wearing. Also, it is absorbent, takes moisture on easily and gives it back to its immediate surroundings quickly. Because of that, an ideal moisture management is ensured. Moreover, the Premium fabric is extremely skin-friendly, which is why the Hohenstein institute examined it to be ‘skin-friendly’ and ‘allergy-friendly’ Thanks to the elaborate manufacturing, the duvets of this line stay fluffy and supple in the edges.

All products of the Premium line can be washed up to 60°C in the washing machine and are able to be tumble dried. Even after repeated washing and ironing, the fabric keeps its soft and silky surface.

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Luxury for your bedroom

A luxurious fabric with weaved in ornaments, that can only be made with a special loom, forms the cover of the Deluxe products. In combination with the G-LOFT® fibre optimal climate and moisture control is ensured as well as breathability of the products.

All products from the Deluxe line are made out of 100 % cotton jacquard satin in the upper material. During the manufacturing of this fabric, finest cotton threads are elaborately spun together in satin weave. The most special quality of this fabric is its noble and luxurious optics. Moreover, the cotton jacquard fabric captivates with its hard-wearing and resistant characteristics. Thanks to the elaborate manufacturing, the duvets of this line stay fluffy and supple in the edges.

All products of this line are, furthermore, extremely skin-friendly and suitable for allergy sufferers, because they can be washed up to 60°C in the washing machine and can be tumble dried. Even after repeated washing, the cotton jacquard fabric keeps its graceful look and gives you a feeling of luxury at all times.

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The finest bedding

Mako cotton satin is the fabric dreams are made of! Discovered in the 19th century by Egyptian noble, Mako el-Orfali, today this cotton is regarded as the best in the world. Only one percent of the cotton harvested around the globe bears this label.

The perfect partner for our fibre

The particularly long fibres of the raw material (up to 40 millimetres) are what make Mako cotton so special. Particularly fine threads can be spun from these. Thanks to its natural properties, Mako cotton is the perfect match for our G-LOFT® fibre. It is very soft and pleasant on the skin, durable, balances the temperature, is easy to maintain and, above all, regulates moisture.

The finest bedding

Long-stapled cotton – velvety soft, light and airy. Because only the best is good enough when it comes to your sleep.

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