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Frequently Asked Questions

Which materials are used?

We only use the finest materials for our bedding. The highest quality cotton satin and cotton Jacquard are used for our duvets and pillows, and our innovative G-LOFT® fibre is used in all our products. It has the lightness and warmth of down but is much better at transporting moisture. We only use exquisite long-staple cotton for our bedding sets. For more information on our fabrics and processes, see Materials.

What makes Goldeck G-LOFT® fibre so special?

Our fibre is designed for endurance sport and has further been developed for balanced and energy-boosting sleep. The fleece combines the heat-insulating properties of the finest down feathers with the advantages of state-of-the-art technology, such as a high degree of breathability and a moisture-regulating function. This creates unprecedented lightness and a warm, healthy sleeping environment.

Are the products tested and certified?

Yes. All our products, from the button to the yarn to the outer fabric, are subject to stringent quality checks and are certified according to the OEKO-Tex standard. Our duvets are also inspected by the renowned Hohenstein Institute and given the comfort seal for scientifically tested sleep quality.

Can I change the individual filling material in the pillows?

Yes. You can remove filling from your inner pillow to suit your requirements, and store these in the bag supplied. If you need more filling, you can order a refill bag. This means you can personalise your pillow to suit your own personal wishes and preferences.

What is the difference between a SOFT pillow and a FIRM pillow?

This comes down to the amount of filling in the inner pillow. FIRM pillows are filled to the brim with small fibre balls while SOFT pillows are loosely filled. In both cases, you can adjust the individual height of the pillow by removing the balls of fibre and storing them in the net bag supplied. If you need more balls of fibre, you can order them separately. The outer cover of both pillows is produced with four layers of our very own G-LOFT® fleece.

What is the difference between cotton SATIN and cotton JACQUARD in terms of duvet and pillow cover fabrics?

With cotton SATIN, high-quality cotton threads are woven together to create the satin binding. The fabric has a uniquely smooth, matted-silk surface finish. Cotton JACQUARD also has a satin binding but, in this case, interwoven patterns are produced with a special loom. Jacquard is the finest of all fabrics.

Do the duvets and pillows fit standard sizes of bedding manufacturers?

In general, yes. The sizes of our duvets and pillows have been chosen to fit conventional bedding sizes. However, we also offer special duvet and pillow sizes. For these products, you should check whether the size you have selected is suitable for your bedding prior to purchase. You will find the relevant bedding for all duvet and pillow sizes in our shop.

How should I select the right duvet size and tog rating?

The tog rating and size of your duvet will depend on the surrounding temperature, your body size and your personal sleeping preferences. With just a few clicks, our Product Advisor can help you find your ideal duvet.

Why are there small loops at the corners of the bedding?

We have attached small loops to our duvets and placed corresponding tape on our bedding. This simply keeps the two items together. This way, slipped corners, awkward wrangling when changing the bedding, and uncomfortable nights tugging at the duvet will be things of the past.

Can the duvets, pillows and mattress covers be washed?

Yes. All our products can be washed in conventional washing machines at 60 degrees using the delicate cycle. They will also dry quickly because of the special properties of our fibres. Just consider the volume of each product and check whether it will fit into your household machine. If not, we recommend professional cleaning. An overfilled washing machine puts strain on every fabric. For further information, read the care instructions.

Are the products also suitable for allergy sufferers?

Yes. As we do not use any animal products (hair, feathers, etc.) and all of our products can be washed at high temperatures, they are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Can the products also be tested in store?

We want you to be happy with your Goldeck products, and that’s why you can test them at home for 30 days. If you decide that our products aren’t right for your bed, you can return them to us free of charge.

How can products be returned?

To return your order free of charge, first contact our Customer Services Department at support@goldeckaustria.com. We will give you a GLS Returns Label that you should simply print out and attach to your package.

Will my new Goldeck bedding shrink when washed?

Yes, high-quality cotton tends to shrink when washed for the first time. The size you order will be 4% larger to account for this 4% shrinkage in an average washing cycle.

Should I wash the bedding before using it for the first time?

Yes, we recommend that you wash your new bedding before using it for the first time for hygiene reasons. The first wash will also allow it to shrink to the right size. For more information, please consult the care instructions for your product.

In which sizes are the duvets, pillows, mattress covers and bedding sets available?

Our bedding is available in various sizes. Standard and larger sizes are available. See the table below for a detailed overview of all our sizes. All measurements are given in centimetres.

40×60 135×200 90×200
40×80 140×200 100×200
60×80 140×220 120×200
70×90 155×220 140×200
80×80 200×200 160×200
50×70 150×210 180×200
65×65 160×210 200×200
65×100 155×200
50×60 160×240
60×70 200×210
Where are Goldeck products manufactured?

All our products are produced in our own factories in Europe.