70 Years of Beddings by Goldeck – A Story of Success


We have been improving your sleep for 70 years.

The journey from a borrowed sewing machine to becoming a leading-edge enterprise

The story of the Goldeck Textil company sounds as if it was straight out of Hollywood: After the Second World War, a master tailor builds up a business sewing quilts, and his son turns it into a global leader for bedding, water beds, sleeping bags and outdoor clothing. And it all began with the sewing machine August Mayer Senior borrowed from his mother.

In 1947, master tailor August Mayer Senior was on the lookout for a new market. He found it in bed. Well, who doesn’t long for that feeling of security and well-being after a long day? August Senior didn’t hesitate. He borrowed his mother’s sewing machine and started sewing quilts at home. He then travelled around in a VW bus selling them within a 30-mile radius, to the delight of his customers.

It wasn’t just the company, but also his son August Junior who made his big entrance that year. He would later play a key role in the business.


August Mayer Junior joined the company in the early 1970s. A few years later he bought the business from his father and began filling his skilfully sewn quilts with cotton fibres.

A vision for synthetics

Ahead of his his time, August Junior was already working with sythetic fibres in 1975. He realised that, as a filling material for duvets, they offered better characteristics than down. Innovation became a cornerstone of Goldeck Textil and, at the end of the 1970s, he was already working on a fleece factory to produce insulating materials with very specific properties.

Great risk, great reward

The harsh financial situation almost put an end to his vision. To buy the machinery and infrastructure required here, the ambitious company would have needed an amount equivalent to three times its annual turnover. However, August Junior was sure he was on the right track. He went for broke, selling everything he owned and buying the best oven on the market to manufacture his insulating materials. He also invested in suitable premises for the company and worked day and night, never losing sight of his dream of producing the finest fibres in the world.

Pioneer for synthetic fibres

August Junior experimented with silk and virgin wool, but, above all, synthetic fibres that attracted him. Playing a pioneering role in this sector, he kept on raising standards, repeatedly improving the characteristics of his products. The quilt business was booming and August slowly found his feet again financially. The increasing tourism proved to be a temporary goldmine, and as a reliable source of customers, buying duvets in large numbers.


Expansion from bedding to sleeping bags and outdoor clothing

In the years that followed, August Junior steadily expanded the business. Sleeping bags offered new opportunities for his outstanding insulating material. In the early 1980s, he landed a big order thanks to his superior quality fibres and innovative sleeping bags designed for high altitudes. Sold under the trade name “Carinthia”, his products first captured the markets in Belgium, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands. International expansion of the business had begun.

The Asian hurdle

In 1995, the sharp increase in sales suddenly stalled. The import of cheap goods from Asia was undercutting the market. August Junior was forced to lay off staff and completely rethink his business model. First on the agenda was the question of the relatively costly production in Europe.

Many sleepless nights and numerous trips to Asia followed. Should August Junior bank on tradition or take advantage of low-cost production in the Far East? He once again relied on his intuition and decided against the trend. He continued manufacturing in Europe: a courageous step that proved to be the right choice.


Unstoppable spirit of innovation

Today, the premium products of Goldeck Textil (bedding, water beds, outdoor/military sleeping bags and outdoor clothing) are exported all over the world to the delight of discerning customers in 70 countries. And, at the age of 69, there is no stopping August Mayer Junior either. He still plays an active role in the business and is hard at work creating even better insulating materials, with a glint in his eyes and joy for life.